SWIS 2015 Vol.005 - Mindi O'Brien and Dennis Beitler - How To Prepare for a Bikini, Figure and Physique Competition


Whether you are a seasoned competitor, competition coach, or inspired to compete in your first competition by all the great pics you see on facebook, this will be a great presentation on how to prepare. Mindi and Dennis will walk you through some of the pre-competition techniques and strategies they use for each of the catagories. What you should do and not do on the day of the competition, everything from tanning, makeup to what suit to wear. And alot of focus on how to handle post competition problems such as weight gain, emotional up and downs and how to stay in shape after a competition. If you want to learn some tricks and tips from one of the best in the world who has competed close to 70 pro competitions including 10 times at the Olympia and 9 times at the Arnolds, then this will be the session for you.

Mindi O'Brien: I.C.S.F.N., Y.F.N., I.S.S.A.

Canada’s First IFBB Pro Fitness Champion
10 Time IFBB Olympia Competitor
9Time IFBB Arnold Classic Competitor
2 Time North American FVF Fitness Champion
2 Time ESPN Fitness Champion
2015 Toronto Pro Show Physique Champion
C.B.B.F. Canadian Fitness Champion
W.N.S.O. Canadian Muscle Mania Champion

Mindi O'Brien is Canada's top fitness personality & superstar. She won the 2004 Canadian Fitness Championships with unanimous first-place scores, and one month later, Mindi representing Canada, made her professional debut at the I.F.B.B. SW USA Pro Cup, winning that competition with unanimous first-place scores over a field of American veteran world class competitors. Before Mindi, no Canadian competitor had ever won an IFBB professional fitness competition event, let alone on her first time out !! Since then, Mindi has professionally competed more than 65 times, with appearances representing Canada at 7 consecutive Fitness Olympias and 6 Arnold Classic Fitness International competitions, and the 1st ever Arnold Classic Europe, the three most prestigious fitness competitions in the world. This year Mindi was the first IFBB Fitness competitor to make a successful switch to the new Womens Physique Division and once again will be representing Canada at the 1st ever Womens Physique Olympia where she placed 6th.

Mindi is not only a Professional Athlete, but she is a mother of a 20 year old son, Alex, a Personal Fitness Coach/Trainer, a wife and business owner of TEAMOBRIEN FITNESS. Mindi has also won many awards and titles including, Two-Time North American FVF Fitness & Strength Challenge Champion, Two Time TSN Fitness Series Champion, WNSO Muscle Mania Champion, 2005 MVP Canadian CBBF Fitness award, the IFBB Horizon Award, for the most promising IFBB Professional Fitness Newcomer, and was also awarded the 2006 IFBB Overall Best Fitness Competitor GeneX Award.

Mindi believes when you begin your athletic journey, regardless of your age or ability level, the experience is one of continuous new beginnings. It’s a lifetime of discovery and learning….The lessons may appear on many different levels, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. As you evolve both Athletically and Personally, you’ll discover that this journey has no final destination or Finish Line.

Dennis Beitler: B.P.H.E., M.Sc., I.S.S.A.

Owner & Partner: TEAMOBRIEN Fitness & Nutrition Inc.
Born in Switzerland, raised in both the Netherlands and Canada, Dennis, with over 30 years experience, has had the unique experience of Training/Coaching Athletes from all over the world in many different Sports and has also had the opportunity to have worked with some ofthe worlds top High Performance Coaches and Trainers. Dennis has a B.P.H.E. from the University of Western Ontario, along with a Masters Study in “Human Bio-Chemistry” and a Secondary Masters study in “O.T.C. Pharmaceuticals and the High Performance Athlete” at Florida State University.

With the influence from his father, a two time Water Polo Olympian for the Netherlands, an Aquatics Director, Athletic Director and Professor at Queens University, Professional Water Polo Coach of 35 years and an inductee in the Queens University Hall of Fame, Dennis grew up excelling in many different sports including Competitive Speed Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Trampoline, Gymnastics, Soccer, Football, Pole Vault, Martial Arts, and Body Building, earning him Provincial & National Championships in most.

Dennis started his coaching career 1981, at the young age of 17, coaching his own high schools girls’ Soccer team. Since then he has excelled and is known as one of the Canada’s top Strength & Nutrition Coaches, Over the past 30 years, Dennis has Coached/Trained 1,000’s of High Performance Athletes in many different Sport Disciplines as-well as Clients with personal goals. Dennis now mainly specializes as a Strength Coach & Nutrition Expert for TEAMOBRIEN Athletes and Clients.

Coaching Technique:
“Never Let Your Competition Out-Train You”

Coaching Philosophy:
“Pain, is Weakness leaving the Body… Pound for Pound, Every Rep Counts”