SWIS 2015 Vol.009 - Joe De Franco - The Slow Approach to Developing Blazing Speed - Video


Joe DeFranco is the founder and owner of the world-famous DeFranco's Gym (est. 2003). “DeFranco’s” pioneered the hardcore, warehouse-type training centers that are now popping up throughout the country. Their results-driven, New Jersey-based facility was built with one thing in mind – IMPROVING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE! DeFranco’s caters to serious high school, college and professional athletes that are driven to reach their full athletic potential. Every square inch of the facility is dedicated to getting athletes brutally strong, lightning fast and mentally tough. There is no “fluff” or distractions at DeFranco’s gym! You will not find any TV’s, juice bars, fancy locker rooms, air conditioning or “easy listening” music; what you will find is an incredibly motivating, intense atmosphere; the best training equipment in the world; and some of the most educated coaches in the world!

Topic Description:

 In this 90-minute presentation, Joe will tell you why the 10-yard sprint and pushing a heavy sled should be two staples in almost every athlete's program - regardless of their sport. He will also give specific details as to why he feels most speed experts are wrong about resisted sprints and heavy sled drags. Contrary to popular belief, they do NOT "train your body to be slow" as most coaches will tell you. In fact, Joe feels they are one of the most powerful tools for improving an athlete's ability to accelerate - and he's got a 15-year in-house study to back up his claims! You will definitely leave this presentation with an entirely new perspective on one of the most controversial topics in the industry!