SWIS 2015 Vol.020 - SWIS Chiropractic Presenters and Delegates - Demonstrating Their Favorite Adjustments for Specific Weight Training Injuries - Video


What happens at most chiropractic technique seminars, is you are shown one or two really cool adjustments from your colleagues in the hallway. In fact, you sometimes get an adjustment that is awesome from one of your colleagues and you just want to learn how to do it.

So my goal is to bring the hallway to the presentation stage by getting all the chiropractors who are presenting at SWIS to the stage to demonstrate how they do their unique adjustments for various conditions. Each chiropractor will be given 1-2 minutes each on how they would assess and adjust an upper thoracic dysfunction or the A/C joint, or a lumbar facet joint and various other joints.

In fact I know there will be many great chiropractors in the audience, and they are also allowed to come onto the stage to demonstrate their favorite technique.

Each adjustment will be filmed with close up cameras, so you can review it again later.

My goal is to demonstrate 20-30 new adjustments in 90 minutes, which can give you a whole new level of adjusting technique.

No fluff. No long winded explanations. Just straight "here is how you do the adjustment" demonstrated on Dr. Ken Kinakin.

Presenters that have confirmed they will be part of the panel:

Dr. David Leaf

Dr. Jerome Rerucha

Dr. Dale Buchberger

Dr. Rob Rakowski

Dr. Peter Jaillet

Dr. Ken Kinakin

Watch one of the most unique presentations of the symposium.