SWIS 2015 Vol.022 - Donnie Thompson - Advanced Mobility and Adhesion Techniques - Video


Donnie Thompson owns Performance Therapy for Strength Athletes, Super D Performance Tours and Part Owner of The Compound.
Donnie Thompson also worked for 6 yearsat Progressive Sports Physical Therapy in West Columbia, South Carolina where he was the Strength and Mobility Director for 21 clinics statewide.
Donnie started competitive Powerlifting in 1998 and has not turned back. Donnie is the first human to ever total 3000 lbs.!
Donnie earned 8-all time World Records in Professional Powerlifting including; 3 Bench
Press records, 2 Squat records (1260) and 3 Total records!
His 3000 lb. Powerlifting total stood until August of 2013. Pavel, Kelly Starrett, Dick Hartzell and Louie Simmons have worked with Donnie personally over the past two decades. This led to his SHW victory at the 2005 Arnold Classic WPO Powerlifting Championships and 3 all-time totals in 2008 and 2011.
2850lbs, 2905lbs and 3000lbs respectively!
His knowledge collected over two decades in Rehab,Mobility and Strength made it possible for him to continue with the heavy lifting to conquer these lifting goals.
Donnie travels to many Universities, High Schools and training facilities
throughout the country teaching and sharing his Powerlifting experiences and training methodologies. He is in high demand for his rehab techniques and mobility work. Teaching eager trainers and coaches to help others increase sustained training performance from CrossFit to Football teams.
He has also created Body Tempering mobility system with devices Donnie created called the X-Wife, The Cheater and the Step-Child to increase mobility and decrease adhesions.