SWIS 2015 Vol.027 - Ian King - Injury Prevention in Strength Training - Video


KSI was founded in 1986 by Australian physical preparation coach Ian King in response to overwhelming demand for his services. Ian set out on his coaching career in 1980 with the aim to answer the question 'what is the best way to train', and to provide other athletes with the solutions he found to this question.  By 1986, with over 100 elite athletes under his guidance, he founded KSI.

During the last 30 plus years Ian, KSI and KSI Coaches have serviced athletes through eight Olympic Games cycles, both Summer and Winter, World Cups, World Championships and Commonwealth Games, in over 20 different sports at the elite level in over ten different countries.

From the early 1980s Ian was concurrently involved in coach education. During the 1980s he wrote and taught the first strength training accreditation course in Australia, travelling throughout his home state to deliver it. During the 1990s Ian was the primary contributor for the first 'strength & conditioning' accreditation courses offered in Australia. From the late 1990s to the present Ian's focus has been on offering what KSI athlete preparation education to a global audience, through the KSI University, formed in 1999.

KSI now has coaches involved in varying levels of it's coach education from most countries around the world. These coaches are athlete focused, and at the highest level also serve the elite athlete, including the successful production of Olympic representatives and medalists.

In 1999 Ian released the first of his Get Buffed!™ educational material aimed at the those training for size, strength and or leanness, following the successful response to his published articles on internet and hard copy strength training magazines in the US.

Following the longest running training program series in the history of Men's Health magazine (spanning 6 six issues during 2000-2001), Ian was asked by Men's Health to publish a book about his training methods. The Book of Muscle resulted.

In 2000 in partnership with a global leader in health science Ian formed the Dream Team, a global alliance offering training and support to develop entrepreneurial skills in physical preparation coaches (and others). In addition to enhancing health and performance in athletes and non-athletes, the specific focus is on guiding industry professionals to creating leveraged income. This program is now operating in about 20 different countries and growing. Ian's success in this endeavor has been recognized in the American newspaper USA Today.

For the athlete, KSI also operates a number of Athlete Training Centers in a number of locations throughout the world, as well as optimal athlete preparation programs from even more locations, provided by KSI Coaches.   No other coach or service provider has impacted as many athletes and coaches in so many different sports and countries as has Ian King and KSI.

For the coach, KSI offers the world's most extensive real-world tried and testing physical preparation coach education material through a range of books, DVDs, audios, seminars and courses.  KSI coaches undergo the most extensive practical based coach education in the world. The KSI coaching program is the global leader in standards of excellence and program depth.

For the non-athlete, Ian King's original training innovations, have influenced training methods universally more than any other individual coach in modern physical preparation.

KSI focus is on excellence in sport, not on impressing through marketing.  We choose to let our impact in the practical world do the talking. We acknowledge however that in the crowded and hyped-up world of marketing this can leave us disadvantaged in terms of perception. Keep this in mind as you check out this site - if you can't find the answers to your question send us an email at question@kingsports.net.

Topic Description:

Between approximately the 1960s and the 2000s the adoption of strength training by athletes and sporting teams provided a unique performance advantage. This training method spread through all sports, all ages and all levels of qualification during this period.  It is proposed that the inclusion of strength training in an athletes training program no longer provides the unique performance benefit it once did. Alternatively it is proposed that the athlete whose strength training does not lead to performance limiting, playing time reducing, or career threatening injuries holds the unique performance advantage.

The correlation between enhanced strength and performance improvements is well accepted and extensively researched. On the contrary the correlation between strength training and the increased incidence and severity of injuries in sport is not.  It is proposed that future ‘breakthroughs’ in training may result from an increased appreciation and understanding of this relationship, and that those who embrace this proposition will gain an early lead on their competitors in the same way the introduction of strength training did, prior to the saturation of acceptance.

The theories, concepts and hypotheses provided in this presentation are based on thirty plus years of professional application and observation by the presenter, and may be of interest to the coaches and athletes who place a premium on optimizing performance, and who possess the foresight to gain performance advantages in a period prior to the tipping point of acceptance and application of the concepts proposed.  In other words, for those who have the courage to pioneer prior it them becoming the dominant trend.