SWIS 2015 Vol.029 - Dr.Krista Scott-Dixon - The Consistency Secret - How to get your clients to buy in, stay on track, and make the changes to recover from their injury - Video


A former university professor, Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon now designs the curriculum for Precision Nutrition's PN Coaching and Level 2 Master Class Certification programs, which have helped tens of thousands of clients change their lives and hundreds of fitness professionals build their coaching practice. She knows what actually makes people change.

She also runs the women's fitness website Stumptuous.com.

Topic Description:

Why don't clients change their behaviours when they should? Don't they know your advice is awesome?

 Even if you're a skilled practitioner and your rehab or coaching program is perfect, you might be frustrated or confused by clients who don't follow your directions. In this presentation, we'll show you:

* How you (yes, you) might actually be creating or worsening the problems

* How to guide your client effectively and systematically through the process of change

* How to work with "difficult" or "resistant" clients to get "unstuck" and moving towards better health and fitness