SWIS 2015 Vol.037 - Eoin Lacey - Functional Nutrition for Fat Loss - Video


Eoin has been working within the irish training, nutrition and fitness industry for over 17 years. Throughout that time he has been the first irish certified Sports Nutritionist from the International Society of Sports Nutrition which he is also the Irish Ambassador. He is the first Irish graduate of the Institute of Functional Medicine and the first graduate of the Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine. Eoin is the co founder of the  Irish Strength Institute, there is currently 4 Dublin based centres and 2 in Portugal. He also lectures internationally on training and nutrition.

Topic Description:

During this 90mins presentation Sports Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Consultant Eoin Lacey will share with the attendees valuable insight into how to assess their clients to regain health, well being and fat loss. Key focus will be on Sleep, Detoxification, Hormonal Balance, GI Support and Functional Laboratory Testing. Looking deeper than just diet, looking into their genetic make up and lifestyle.