SWIS 2018 VIP Package

$249.00 $500.00

Can I Upgrade You To VIP?

Upgrade Your Ticket To VIP To Receive…

*You will receive all 58 videos to the presentation, along with 58 MP3 audios of the presentations. You can only see 20% of the symposium, so you are missing 80% due to being only able to see one stream out of five.

*You will also receive the full day (8 Hour) SWIS 2016 Pre conference Seminar videos of Dr. David Leaf on Performance Muscle Testing

*You will also receive the full day (8 Hour) SWIS 2016 Pre conference Seminar videos of Dr. Rob Rakowski Sports Nutrition Seminar. 

*You will have "Lunch with the Presenters" on Saturday. An informal  "All You Can Eat" Buffet lunch where you can choose to sit with any of the presenters who are also having lunch with us. Your VIP status takes care of the biggest issue of any seminar, where to eat, since we will have close to 750 delegates and the restaurant only holds 110 people.

*A ticket to the "Presenter Dinner" at 9:00pm at the Hilton Hotel. In the 20 years of running SWIS, I have never opened access to the presenter dinner for SWIS attendees. This is where all the presenters get together and relax and have fun.

*A Special Souvenier SWIS 2018 TShirt

All of this for only $249.00 Canadian / $195.00 US

The videos alone will be sold for more then that. One of the biggest challenges of SWIS Symposium is where to eat. The hotel restaurant only can serve 110 people and the closest restaurants are a 10-15 minute walk. So I opened up this special experience to have lunch and dinner with the presenters and get to know your fellow attendees. If you want the full SWIS Experience, this is the best way to really maximize it. This is where you can chat with presenters and fellow attendees and make referral networks to build your business. BRING BUSINESS CARDS. In the age of online work, business cards still work great. Make sure you have your social media links on the card so we can follow you and stay in touch post symposium.

This is also where you can access the presenters to get their book signed that you have and also get a selfie that you can post on social media which shows your followers you are with the best in the world. Lastly its just alot of fun. I am bringing in a fantastic DJ for some awesome music, some impactful presenter stories and presentations and surprise gifts for some lucky attendees.

Signing up for the SWIS VIP package eliminates the worry of where to eat, where is that one presenter I want to talk to and get a picture with.

You can only see 20% of the Symposium since there are 5 streams going at the same time. So how can I watch the other presentations that I missed. That problem is eliminated with video streaming access to the other presentations a few weeks after the Symposium.

I can only sell 100 VIP tickets due to the lunch and dinner numbers and its first come first serve. With 750 attendees expected to be at SWIS, Sign up today to make sure you get your ticket and to have an incredible SWIS experience.

So to summarize, you get:

*SWIS 2018 videos worth over a $1,000.00

*Lunch and Dinner with the Presenters on Saturday.

* Special Souvenier Tshirt

Total cost for all of this: only $249.00 Canadian or $195.00 US.

This is an incredible deal that will go fast. So sign up today.