Vol.014 - Designing and Developing a Symmetrical Male Bodybuilding Physique - Mohamed Makkawy - Video


About Mohamed Makkawy

Mohamed is originally from Egypt and started weight-training in 1967. Within a couple of years of training he became the junior national middleweight weightlifting champion with a 135 kg. Clean and 110 kg Snatch. He then started to compete in bodybuilding won the1976 Mr. Universe, 1977 Mr.
International, 1982 and 1983 world grand prix champion, 1983 Pro Mr. Universe, and the 1983 and 1984 runner up Mr. Olympia. For his efforts he was awarded first class government decoration in Egypt and also awarded recognition for sport and peace efforts by the Israeli Olympic Commitee in 1987. He was the official representative to the United Stares Sports Academy in weight training in the middle east. Mohamed is keen on details when it comes to contest preparation. He is a pioneer and an innovator in the art of bodybuilding posing. He is known for his symmetrical and balanced physique.

About the Video

He will be demonstrating various exercises and program designs on how to create a V-Taper, balancing the upper and lower body, and increasing overall muscularity for the stage or for the beach! He will be working with a few delegates from the session to show how he analyzes the body and what exercises he would use to develop their weak points and create a symmetrical bodybuilding physique. Learn from one of the best in the world on how to develop a great physique for yourself and others. 90 minutes.

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