Vol.015 - Designing and Developing a Symmetrical Female Bodybuilding Physique - Laura Creavalle / Winston Roberts - Video


About Laura Creavalle

Laura is one of the most popular figures in women's bodybuilding. Known as one of the sport's quintessential greats, Laura has always been recognized as possessing one of the most symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing physique in female bodybuilding. For over a decade she has remained among the elite in this rather demanding pastime. Laura's bodybuilding career started in 1983 as a lightweight at the Novice Ontario Championships where she emerged the winner. Guyanese by birth, she qualified for and won the Caribbean and the World Championships the same year. This amazing athlete in an astounding run garnered the Southern California, California and U.S.A. titles as well as the U.S.A. and National Mixed Couples Championships. She was the winner in three Ms. International and Ms. Extravaganza Championships and has the highest number of runner-up positions in the Ms. Olympia.

About Winston Roberts

Winston Roberts is a significant staple in the pages of bodybuilding history. Winston began his bodybuilding journey as many of us do, as a competitor. With accomplishments such as winning the coveted Mr. Canada title twice over and participating in Mr. Universe posedowns in the IFBB amateur ranks, his commitment to bodybuilding while in its infancy should speak for itself. However Winston recognized that his love for the sport coupled with a strong academic background, his talent on the stage, while impressive, was not where he could be the most productive for the sport.

Winston was heavily involved as a pioneer of bodybuilding, working along side many of the golden-era greats. Ben Weider, recognizing Winston’s ambition, delegated the task of writing the constitution of the IFBB. Winston took that assignment one step further and also wrote the initial IFBB rulebook for judging, which is still used today. He was elected General Secretary of the IFBB in 1972 used his IFBB credentials to begin the Canadian Federation of Bodybuilding (now known as the CBBF). He is also responsible for two extremely significant moments in bodybuilding history; one which revolutionized bodybuilding competition was the suggestion to open prejudging to the public, the other Winston used bodybuilding to help end an era of oppression and segregation in South Africa by allowing the president of the country to host 1975 Mr. Olympia and World Championships (Mr. Universe) competitions only if the audience was denied its common practice of limiting seating sections according to race. This proposal was accepted and was documented in the 1975 bodybuilding hit Pumping Iron, which catapulted bodybuilding’s status into the mainstream.

Winston was born on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, relocated to Montreal, and ultimately ended up in Ajax, Ontario. He is currently the chairperson of Bodytone Promotions which organizes competitions at the local, provincial, and professional levels. He has been an IFBB judge at the pro level since 1985. He usually sits on the panel of 3 or 4 professional contests yearly, including but not limited to the Arnold Classic and the prestigious Mr. Olympia. He has mentored IFBB greats such as Mike Watson and Laura Creavalle and many other big names.

Winston currently makes his living teaching World Studies and Civics in high school. He is also a personal trainer with provincially and nationally qualified athletes under his instruction.

About the Video

Laura and Winston will be demonstrating various exercises and program design of how to make the female physique look pleasing but not overwhelming. They will be working with a few delegates from the session to show how they critique the body and then what exercises they would use to develop their weak points and create a symmetrical bodybuilding physique. Learn from the best in the world on how to create a beautiful physique for yourself and others. 90 minutes.

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