Vol.018 - Incorporating Olympic Style Weightlifting into Sports Programs - Ed McNeely - Video


About Ed McNeely

During the past 15 years Ed has been a consultant to 17 Canadian National Sport Organizations providing services on physiological monitoring, program design, strength training, and coach education. He is a regular presenter at fitness and coaching conferences both Nationally and Internationally. He writes for several sport specific publications and web sites and has authored two books on training.

About the Video

Much controversy surrounds the use of Olympic style weightlifting in an athletes training program. This presentation will discuss the role of these lifts in athlete development. We will explore which athletes may benefit from Olympic style lifts and which won’t. How do body proportions affect the decision to use Olympic style lifts. What are the appropriate intensity and volume combinations. Does the techniques for the lifts differ between competitive weightlifters and other athletes. And are there alternatives for those who don’t feel comfortable teaching these lifts. If you are interested in incorporating Olympic Lifting into your programs but are not sure how to do it, this is the presentation for you!

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