Vol.019 - Accessory Olympic Style Weightlifting Exercises and Techniques - Chad Ikei - Video


About Chad Ikei

Chad is one of the best competitive lifters in Powerlifting and Olympic Style Weightlifting in the country. He is the only athlete to have held records in both the Bench Press (Powerlifting) and the Snatch (Olympic Lifting) within the same month. In Olympic Style Weightlifting, he is a 5-time National Champion breaking 21 National Records and 8 Powerlifting World Records.

About the Video

Chad will be reviewing some of the accessory exercises to increase the Olympic lifts. He will focus on the different Olympic Style Lifts like snatch derivatives; overhead squats, drop snatches, snatch pulls, snatch high pulls, pulls off blocks. He will review the same for the clean and jerk and squats. He will also introduce and review band training and how it can improve your strength, power and speed without increasing the risk of injury. This will be a very informative session whether or not you use Olympic style weightlifting in your training routine.

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