Vol.001 - Biomechanical Research on the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift - David Sandler - Video


About David Sandler

David was an Assistant Professor and the director of graduate and undergraduate programs in Strength and Conditioning with Florida International University. David is a former nationally ranked bench presser who regularly lectures both nationally and internationally on strength and power development and is a consultant to many organizations.  David’s primary research interests are in the expression of strength and power in the powerlifts and explosive lifts.

About the Video

David will discuss both current and past research in the powerlifts while focusing in on the kinetics and kinematics of various lifting techniques.  He will demonstrate the practical application of qualitative biomechanics through an examination of the quantitative information presented in the existing research. David will examine the effects of various grips and stances on the overall force and power production in the lifts. David will also examine the sticking point phenomena, explain why it exists, and detail strategies for fighting through this frustrating and inevitable aspect of lifting.  David will examine the support lifts used in training and explain their relevance in developing maximal strength for the powerlifts.  Finally, David will provide insight into the practical application of the squat, bench and deadlift for sports performance. 90 minutes.

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