Vol.110 - Swiss Ball Exercises for Injury Prevention and Performance - Lorne Goldenberg - Video


About Lorne Goldenberg BPE, CSCS, PFLC

Lorne graduated from University of Ottawa with an honors degree in Physical Education and is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He is the owner of Strength Tek Fitness Consulting, which provides fitness services to major corporations and athletes in the Ottawa and Toronto area. He has been a strength and conditioning coach to 5 NHL teams and owns and operates Ottawa’s first exclusive training facility for athletes, The Athletic Conditioning Center where he trains the likes of Gary Roberts, Adam Graves, Dimitry Yushkavitch and many other NHL clients. Lorne is also the author of “Strength Ball Training”, a new book from Human Kinetics about training with stability and medicine balls for fitness and sports performance.

About the Video

This lecture and workshop will present some detailed information on the science behind segmental spinal stability, torso mechanics, and how swiss ball exercises can be utilized to enhance the stability of all the joints in the body. Over 35 swiss ball strength training exercises will be shown, methods of progression and how to integrate these exercises into a program will also be discussed.