Vol.115 - Posturology Lower Extremity Analysis for Weight-Training Injuries - Paul Gagne / Dr.Michele Joubert - Video


About Paul Gagne

Paul is an exercise kinesiologist, posturologist and strength and conditioning consultant. His expertise lies in training protocols for postural,
rehabilitation and muscular balance. He has developed a unique postural and functional evaluation system that is quite unique in North
America. Paul consults with many professional players in the NHL and NFL.

About Dr. Michel Joubert BSc., DPM

Dr. Joubert is a podiatrist who has owned and operated a very successful podiatric clinic in Trois Riviere since 1980. He is a professor of biomechanics for the Quebec Order of Podiatrists and an expert in postural reprogrammation. Dr. Joubert consults with many professional athletes all over the world.

About the Video

Dr. Joubert and Paul will demonstrate the relationship and correlation between the main sensors of the postural system, the foot and eyes, to the many imbalances of the lower extremity. Through their postural evaluation and reprogrammation system , they will show you how to recognize these imbalances under static and dynamic conditions. Dr. Joubert will explain in details the biomechanical role of the foot during sporting activities. They will also demonstrate some exercise progressions to correct lower extremity imbalances.