Vol.117 - Active Isolated Stretching for Weight-Training Shoulder Injuries - Aaron Mattes - Video


About Aaron Mattes MS., RKT., LMT

Aaron L. Mattes has over 100,000 hours experience in rehabilitation, training and prevention. Mr. Mattes has a M.S. degree in Kinesiology, Licensed Massage Therapist and is a international lecturer on flexibility and sports medicine. He is also an author of a book on Active Isolated Stretching, plus a co-author of 6 other books on flexibility and sports medicine. He has been an advisor to high school, college, olympic and professional athletes while also being internationally recognized in field of rehabilitation. These presentations will increase your knowledge on flexibility and give you new strategies on how to stretch various muscles with a new technique.

About the Video

You will see a hands on AIS workshop on how to stretch various muscles in the shoulder, wrist and hand. Specific stretches for various weight-training exercises will be demonstrated. This will increase your ability to prevent and treat shoulder injuries due to weight-training.