Vol.118 - Advanced Stretching Techniques for Weight-Training Exercises - Ann & Chris Frederick - Video


About Ann Frederick

Ann Frederick, Master Flexibility Specialist and instructor, is the founder and director of Stretch To Win, Inc., www.stretchtowin.com. She is a Faculty associate at Arizona State University, where she earned a degree in kinesiology. Ann completed a master’s level thesis based on a scientific study that proved her techniques were more effective in gaining increased flexibility in humans than currently used methodology. Since this study was finished in 1997, Ann has evolved and refined the methods that she uses so that clients are now able to progress much faster in their weight training while getting more flexible and remaining injury free. The process of integrating fascial and joint capsule stretching, which is 88% of Range of Motion restrictions, is what distinguishes Frederick’s superior technique.
With over 50,000 hours of experience as a flexibility expert she has worked with numerous elite professionals and Olympic athletes. As the Flexibility Specialist for the 1996 USA Olympic Wrestling Team, she was credited as being instrumental in helping to bring home gold medals. Ann was also the Flexibility Consultant with the 2000 USA Olympic women’s track team which resulted in more gold medals. She has made an incredible impact on the injury prevention, performance and recovery of her clientele.

About Chris Frederick

Chris Frederick is the co-director and founder of Stretch To Win, Inc. After getting his license to practice physical therapy, he trained at major New York City hospitals where he practiced sports & orthopedic manual therapy under the direction of some of the best therapists and surgeons in the country. Chris has presented his own research and other papers at hospital staff meetings and at local and national conferences.
In addition to being an orthopedic and sports physical therapist, he is also Master Flexibility Specialist. Combining his eclectic background in flexibility training, manual orthopedics and sports physical therapy, Chris practices FUSION THERAPY™ and FUSION TRAINING™, a universal approach to rehab and injury management of weight training. If you miss this course, you will miss out on what could be the most crucial element in every weight-training program today! Comprehensive flexibility training is a missing component in many weight training regimens. When flexibility training is lacking, dysfunctional movement patterns are perpetuated often leading to chronic strain/sprain injuries.

About the Video

Ann & Chris will demonstrate the most effective techniques they use in their practice to achieve unbelievable gains in flexibility. They will show you how they actually condition and prepare the nervous system to operate in the parasympathetic mode—the best way to achieve permanent plastic change and massive flexibility gains, without the pain that is normally associated with stretching. These gains are directly correlated with reduced injury and increased strength and coordination for weight training. You have a sound understanding of how to apply a flexibility program to your weight training in order to maximize your performance potential.