Vol.013 - Precontest Bodybuilding Techniques of Milos Sarcev - Video


About Milos Sarcev

Milos is a IFBB Professional Bodybuilder originally from Yugoslavia where he received a degree in Nutritional Technology Engineering from the University of NoviSad. He is an International Nutrition, Strength, and Conditioning Consultant to many of the top Olympic and Bodybuilding athletes in the world. He has competed in over 70 professional bodybuilding competitions around the world and is known for being one of the most symmetrical bodybuilders in the world.Milos has been Chief Science Officer of Naturade Inc. since November 14, 2007. Mr. Sarcev is a Co-founder of Koloseum Nutritional Sciences. Mr. Sarcev is a Senior Level Executive with over 25 years of experience in the nutritional supplements category. He has been a Director of Naturade Inc. since August 2008. Mr. Sarcev is also an Expert Writer for bodybuilding publications (Flex, Muscle & Fitness and numerous bodybuilding publications worldwide). He is also involved in several other business ventures at the moment closely related to his chosen profession including the Koloseum Gym and Koloseum Nutritional Sciences. He has been involved with the sport of bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition for nearly three decades and his vast knowledge has earned him the title: 'The Mind'' amongst his peers. He is an IFBB Professional champion and holds a world record in a number of consecutive competitions. Mr. Sarcev holds Engineering Degree in Nutritional Technology from University of Novi Sad ~ equivalent to a Masters Degree in Nutrition here in the United States.

About the Video

Milos will be discussing and demonstrating his various training techniques that helped him create the symmetrical physique he is known for. You will learn new protocols of training various bodyparts that are hard to develop and define. He will also discuss some of the dietary concepts that he uses before competition. 90 minutes.

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