Vol.132 - The Best Assessment Tools and Eating Programs for Fat Loss - Charles Poliquin - Video


About Charles Poliquin

Charles’ quest has lead him to produce hundreds of medals, wins and personal bests for many elite athletes in over 17 different sports including athletes from summer and winter Olympics, the NHL, NFL. He is known worldwide for producing faster and stronger athletes.
As the creator of Poliquin Performance Center, Charles spent years teaching coaches worldwide a better way of getting results with their clients.
Now as Strength Sensei, he shares his acquired knowledge and wisdom with the emerging leaders in the strength and conditioning field.
Now after decades of disciplined research and training he has refined his craft so he can educate the dedicated few who want to maximize their learning so they can bring their results back to their athletes. Charles now dedicates his time to educate strength coaches from around the world so they can produce world class athletes. http://www.strengthsensei.com

About the Video

Charles will be reviewing his strategies to test and give recommendations. He reviews his biosignature system and the various dietary strategies and supplements.