Vol.134 - Pre-Contest Bodybuilding Dietary Strategies - Scott Abel - Video


About Scott Abel

Scott is a university graduate with several prestigious academic scholarships to his credit. For over twenty years he has devoted himself to the iron game and strength training industry. During this time Scott developed the Innervation Training System used by athletes all over the world, and has become an expert at peaking athletes for athletic competition. Scott has been successful at taking rank beginners right through to National Championships and beyond. His clients have won over 200 competitions at every level from Olympia titles on down. He has also written countless articles for various magazines and journals.

About the Video

Scott will be discussing pre-contest diet and all that it includes, such as assessing metabolism, absolute versus relative calories deficits, the high protein myth, the low carbohydrate myth, the glycemic index myth, insulin and its role in the calories controlled environment. Scott will address proper peaking strategies for dropping subcutaneous water, review pre-contest carbohydrate loading versus fat loading, discuss the leptin factor and sodium intake. If you want to get into the best competition shape of your life, this presentation will give you some of the newest ideas and concepts available.