Vol.140 - Post Workout Nutritional Recovery Strategies - Dr.Lonnie Lowery - Video


About Dr.Lonnie Lowery

Lonnie Lowery holds a Ph.D. in exercise physiology from Kent State University, where he also served as an Assistant Professor of Nutrition. His award-winning instruction on complex topics such as nutritional biochemistry and research design are backed by nine years of laboratory experience. His research focus is on sports nutrition and dietary supplements, with a more recent focus (four years) upon nutrition interventions for enhancing muscle recovery. As an author and/or editor, Lowery has written for both scientific and bodybuilding/ fitness publications including Virtual Muscle, Testosterone Magazine, Muscular Development, and Flex, among others. As a speaker, he lectures in medical, scientific and athletic settings on behalf of ESN Consulting. As an athlete, Lowery continues to train heavy and has competed regionally in bodybuilding as a light-heavyweight.

About the Video

This presentation will include both acute and chronic nutrition strategies for maximizing muscle recovery from intense, eccentric training. Bodybuilder-specific data is often lacking in the sports nutrition literature – a situation that Lowery has worked to correct. This talk will address nutritional pitfalls of resistance athletes with suggestions for correction. Specific data will also be presented on the time frames and physiological systems involved in optimal recuperation. Research on macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) will be translated into strategies for personal gains in muscle mass, strength and continued progress.