Vol.028 - Injury Proofing - Dr. Ken Kinakin - Video


About Dr. Ken Kinakin D.C., C.S.C.S.

Dr. Ken Kinakin is a chiropractor, certified strength and conditioning specialist and a certified personal trainer. He has also competed in bodybuilding and powerlifting for over 20 years. He regularly lectures across Canada and United States and Europe to doctors and personal trainers on the areas of weight-training, rehabilitation and nutrition. He has lectured at NSCA, was Can-Fit-Pro’s Canadian Presenter of the year and also presents regularly for rehabilitation certification seminars. He has also been on the Canadian Powerlifting Medical Committee. He is the clinic director for the AIM Health & Wellness clinic with a rehabilitation and training centre in Mississauga, Ontario where he treats everyone from the general public to world champions. Dr. Kinakin is also the author of "Optimal Muscle Training" published by Human Kinetics, www.optimalmuscletraining.com. He is the founder of the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists – SWIS that educates and certifies doctors, therapists and personal trainers in the area of exercise muscle testing, rehabilitation and treatment of weight training injuries, www.swis.ca.

About the Video

Injury proofing is a concept based on the premise that if you can determine the dysfunction and/or capabilities of the muscle, joint and nerves
before and during the workout, the incidence of injury will be reduced, while maintaining enough muscle stimulus to increase muscle mass
and strength. Dr. Ken will be presenting on how you can determine which muscles are dysfunctional and show their capabilities in the lower
back region through various muscle testing techniques. He will also demonstrate how you can determine if a muscle is too tight due to a fascial
problem or neurological disorganization. You will also learn and participate in a workshop on how to determine how many reps and sets
a muscle is capable of and when to finish working a particular muscle group. Various injury proofing recovery techniques such as supplements,
electrotherapy, laser, and fascial work will be demonstrated that you can do inside and outside the gym. All these techniques will allow you
to help your client or patient prevent a weight-training injury waiting to happen.