Vol.003 - Powerlifting Techniques of World Champion Ed Coan - Video


About Ed Coan

Ed Coan is the top powerlifter in the world. He is a holder of 100 official and unofficial world records which include 1018 lbs. Squat, 585 lbs. Bench Press, and a 901 lbs. Deadlift. He has competed and won seventeen world championships in four different weight categories.

About the Video

Ed will share the tricks and techniques that he has used in his training that have enabled him to become the strongest powerlifter in the world. be presenting on all the little tricks and techniques that he uses in his training and competition to increase their strength in the squat, bench press and deadlift. He will also discuss his approach to preventing injuries while using incredibly heavy weights. Learn all the subtle tricks from the strongest man in the world. 90 minutes.

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