Vol.034 - The Best New Weight-Training Program Design Concepts - Charles Staley - Video


About Charles Staley, MSS

Charles began his exploration of strength and athletic performance as an martial arts instructor and competitor in New York state during the
1980's. Since 1992, Charles has developed policies and course content for the International Sports Sciences Association, and currently teaches several certification seminars per year for the ISSA. Charles has written over 200 published articles for such magazines as Muscle Media 2000, Inside Kung Fu, Muscle & Fitness, Martial Arts Training, Ms. Fitness, and several others. He is also author of "The Science of Martial Art Training", a training textbook for combat sport athletes and coaches.

About the Video

Charles will be reviewing some of his new ideas and strategies for training and program design. This will be a very informative session on new ways to structure your training.