Vol.039 - Personal Training Business Development - Doug Caporrino - Video


About Doug Caporrino

Doug graduated from New York University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, and has health and fitness certificates from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the Universal Training Instititute, the National Federation of Professional Trainers and the American Council on Exercise. He is also the Tri-State representative for the NFPT, responsible for testing all one on one trainers in the Tri-state region. Doug initially worked for Orion Pictures as a personal fitness consultant for celebrities working in the metro area. In this capacity he's worked with John Travolta, La Toya Jackson, Sylvester Stallone and Tony Goldwyn. First as a consultant to the Joan Rivers Show and Americas Talking cable show, Doug is now the Health and Fitness advisor for the Regis Show. He recently completed a fitness video with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and can also be seen on TV advertisements for the AB Shaper. He received great reviews on Value Vision and The Home Shopping Network for selling his One Day At A Time Exercise Videos. Doug was also responsible for creating the Fit For Life Corporate wellness plan for Johnson and Johnson some 18 years ago. He is the owner of www.resultsthroughresearch.com. Doug has appeared in national magazines such as Muscle Training Illustrated, National Physique Magazine, Exercise for Men, Dieter's Illustrated and Health Magazine. He has also competed in many bodybuilding competitions including Teenage America; Mr USA, Pennsylvania Cup; Mr. New Jersey; and Mr. Eastern America, finishing fourth or higher in all, and winning 4 major competitions.

About the Video

Doug will be reviewing all the strategies and techniques to become a successful trainer, what it takes to work with famous celebrities and how to get national exposure. He will discuss the development of your professional identity, your passionate commitment and continual education on the best training programs and nutritional advice. Come hear one of the most successful trainers of our time reveal his concepts, strategies and passion for personal health and fitness.