Vol.045 - Advanced Power and Strength Programs for Sports - Dave Sandler / Ed McNeely - Video


About David Sandler

David was an Assistant Professor and the director of graduate and undergraduate programs in Strength and Conditioning with Florida International University. David is a former nationally ranked bench presser who regularly lectures both nationally and internationally on strength and power development and is a consultant to many organizations.  David’s primary research interests are in the expression of strength and power in the powerlifts and explosive lifts.

About Ed McNeely

During the past 15 years Ed has been a consultant to 17 Canadian National Sport Organizations providing services on physiological monitoring, program design, strength training, and coach education. He is a regular presenter at fitness and coaching conferences both Nationally and Internationally. He writes for several sport specific publications and web sites and has authored two books on training.

About the Video

Strength has been a foundation in sport training for decades. Power is the optimal combination of Strength and Speed and when applied to training it brings about immeasurable gains on the field or court. Your athletes need to train like champions. This lecture will show you how to build effective power training programs.