Vol.005 - Worlds Strongest Men - Bill Kazmaier - Brad Gillingham - Video


About Bill Kazmaier

Bill has competed in the World's Strongest Man Contests and from 1980 until 1982, he won the competitions handsomely. He was the first man to win the WSM title three times in a row. He worked as the Strength and Conditioning coach at the University of Auburn and was inducted into the York Barbell Hall of Fame in June of 2000. His best competition lifts are: Squat: 925 pounds-WR(world record) Bench Press: 661 pounds-WR Deadlift: 887 pounds-WR, Total in Competition: 2425 pounds-WR. WR-Dumbell Press-100 lbs.X40 reps,WR-Seated Barbell Press: 448X3 WR-Barbell Curl-400 lbs.,Bill is also a World Powerlifting Champion-Superheavyweight.

About Brad Gillingham

Brad Gillingham has been one of the top drug free powerlifters in the United States for over a decade. His journey from a 242 pound Minnesota State Champion to a 300+ pound IPF World Champion has been incredible to watch. There have been bumps in the road for Brad including three surgeries along the way, however his incremental gains in bodyweight and total weight lifted show a positive trend upward and have yet to plateau. Brad may be the greatest drug free powerlifter ever when considering the number of competitions, years competing, and his slow and steady progress. With more than 50 800lb+ deadlifts to his credit dating back to his first 800lb pull in 1995 and 11 IPF World Championship appearances and 2 wins, his record speaks for itself.

About the Video

Bill and Brad will be presenting on how to increase your strength in various lifts by using specific techniques and program design. They will also discuss their approach to preventing injuries while using incredible weights. Learn from the strongest men in the world in this rare, once in a lifetime presentation. 90 minutes.

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