Vol.056 - Hockey Strength and Conditioning Panel - NHL Strength Coaches - Video


About The NHL Strength Coach Panel

Some of the top strength coaches in the country gathered to discuss proper strength and conditioning for hockey. They include Scott Livingston who worked with the Montreal Canadiens. Pete Friesen who worked with the Carolina Hurricanes. Rory Mullin who is a athletic therapist expert. Dan Blackburn who worked with the national training centre. Peter Twist who worked with the Vancouver Canuks. Lorne Goldenberg who worked with the Ottawa Senators and Florida Panthers. Matt Nichol who worked with the Toronto Maple Leafs. And Gary Roberts who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

About the Video

These top hockey strength and conditioning coaches explain different styles of training and talk about the myths of different training systems out there and what are the top exercises you can do for hockey. 125 minutes.