Vol.060 - Advanced Weight-Training Strategies for Downhill Skiing - Kate Pace-Lindsay - Dr.Mark Lindsay - Rory Mullin - Video


About Kate Pace-Lindsay

Kate is a two time Olympian, World Champion, Ranked # 1 in the World in 1993 Ranked # 2 in the World in 1994, a two time World Cup Winner, World Cup Silver Medallist, and Overall World Cup Downhill in 1994. She is the 1993 Canadian Female Athlete of the Year and was inducted into theCanadian Ski Hall of Fame in 2001. Kate is also a ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer.

Dr. Mark Lindsay

Dr. Mark Lindsay is a chiropractor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries. He has been a treating doctor at many summer and winter Olympics and currently treating numerous professional and Olympic athletes. Dr. Lindsay has served on the Canadian Women’s skiing world tour, preventing and treating skiing injuries. He is also an instructor for Active Release Techniques and uses several rehabilitation techniques in his practice.

Rory Mullin

Rory is a certified Athletic Therapist, currently working with the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club. Rory holds an undergraduate degree from York University, and earned his Master of Science in Athletic Training from Indiana State University. Rory is also a Holistic and Lifestyle coach (CHEK HLC Level 3) and has completed his Diploma in Accupunture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Rory has worked internationally with a wide variety of professional sports.

About the Video

This presentation is a unique in that it presents both the athletes and the practitioners perspective on effective weight training methods and sports specific exercises for Downhill Skiing. This presentation is a combination of prevention and performance training techniques for the novice to professional downhill skier and the importance of comprehensive training for world class results. Kate will take you through some of the many different weight-training methods that she has been exposed to and detail the advantages and disadvantages on her performance at the International level. Kate will also be discussing her training methods that were effective in simulating competition during off-season training. Dr. Mark Lindsay will then illustrate therapy techniques that will focus not only on preventing common skiing injuries but also gaining maximum skiing performance. Mark will also discuss the importance of a comprehensive training program and its role in preventing skiing ending injuries. Learn from one of the best in the world on how to improve your preparation to improve your skiing performance and prevention of an injury.