Vol.066 – How to Muscle Test for Weight Training Injuries - Dr.David Leaf - Video


About Dr. David Leaf

Dr. Leaf is a chiropractor and has been in practice for over 30 years. He was the past president of the International College Applied Kinesiology and has lectured in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia on the application of muscle testing for different disorders. He has treated Olympic athletes, world champions and professional players in the NFL, NBA and NHL and was on the medical staff of A.C. Milan of the Italian soccer league. He is one of the best integrated practitioners and muscle testers in the country utilizing a highly innovative treatment combination consisting of structural and chemical protocols to fix complicated disorders. 60 Minutes.

About the Video

Dr. Leaf will discuss and demonstrate a step by step process of how to find and fix muscle weaknesses and dysfunctions through muscle testing. He will show various muscle tests and what treatments are best suited to increased the strength of the muscle.