Vol.071 - Active Release Technique for Weight Training Upper Extremity Injuries - Dr.Mike Leahy - Video


About Dr. Mike Leahy

Dr. Mike Leahy is a chiropractor in Colorado who provides services for many of the professional and national teams/athletes in North America. He has used his background in engineering to design the most effective soft tissue treatment protocols called Active Release Techniques (ART). As an avid athlete and an engineer he brings a unique understanding of sports therapy and “performance care” that should not be missed. 60 Minutes.

About the Video

Dr. Leahy will be reviewing some of the frequent injured muscles that he treats because of various arm weight-training exercises. He will also demonstrate specific ART protocols beneficial for various weight-training upper extremity injuries. There will be a specific focus on the wrist extensors muscles that are commonly injured and cause lateral elbow pain.