Vol.085 - Muscle Activation Technique for Weight-Training Extremity Injuries - Greg Roskopf - Video


About Greg Roskopf MA

Greg is a biomechanics expert who specializes in the identification and treatment of muscular imbalances that contribute to injury. Greg holds a master’s degree in exercise science. He is the owner/president of Muscle Activation Techniques and, over the years, has worked with various professional organizations, including the Denver Broncos, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets. Greg also teaches his technique through a ten
month internship program. Physical therapists, massage therapists and trainers come from across the nation to learn his unique philosophy.

About the Video

This presentation provides an introduction to Muscle Activation Techniques - MAT. It is instruction on a systematic evaluation procedure that correlates limitations in range of motion to muscle weakness. No matter what type of therapy you use, the MAT system serves as an adjunct. MAT is a unique checks and balances system designed to correct body alignment in order to prepare the body for weight-training. MAT also shows you how to simultaneously improve joint stability and joint mobility while reducing pain that may have occurred during weight-training.