Vol.088 - Acupuncture Treatment Protocols for Weight-Training Extremity Injuries - Dr.Alejandro Elorriaga / Dr.Mark Scappaticci - Video


About Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco MD, Sports Medicine Specialist (Spain)– Program Director is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the McMaster University Department of Anaesthesia

Dr. Elorriaga has consulted in Sports Medicine for 26 years in Spain, Canada, and internationally, providing Performance Care and Injury Care to professional athletes and private clients. For the last 15 years, he has taught hundreds of postgraduate courses in Neurofunctional Acupuncture and the Functional Assessment & Manual Treatment of Musculoskeletal Problems and Sports Injuries. He has made professional presentations in Canada, the USA, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, England, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Mexico, Portugal, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

Dr. Elorriaga has participated in numerous world class events such as the World Basketball Championships Bilbao 1989 (head physician Spanish Junior National team), Edmonton 1991 (head physician Spanish Junior National team), and Toronto 1994 (physician, hosting medical committee); the World University Games 1993; the World Judo Championship 1993; the World Track & Field Championships Seville 1999, Lisbon 2001, Edmonton 2001, Birmingham 2003, Paris 2003, Budapest 2004; and the Olympic Games Sidney 2000 (member of support medical team with Athletics Canada) and the Olympic Games Athens 2004 (private consultant). Additional experience includes being Team Physician of two first division professional basketball teams in Spain (1987-89, 1990-92), and a full time position as the Medical Director of a government sponsored high performance training centre in Spain (1990-93) taking full time care of more than 100 young elite athletes.

Dr. Elorriaga’s scientific background includes over 13 years of research and practice in the areas of exercise physiology and Neurofunctional Electro-acupuncture. Since 1995, Dr. Elorriaga has been developing original Neurofunctional Electro-acupuncture and original Manual techniques for the integrated treatment of sports injuries and movement disorders, as well as the restoration and protection of athletic performance, a novel technical approach named Peformance Care, currently adopted by many elite practitioners taking care of professional athletes.

About Dr. Mark Scappaticci – D.C., BSc(Hons), D.Ap, Elite ART® Provider, FCCSS, CKTI, ART®
Dr. Scappaticci graduated from CMCC in 92’ and completed his Fellowship in Chiropractic Sport Sciences in 95’. He has his Level I Rehab specialty and practices in Niagara Falls, Ontario as well as Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Scappaticci is registered with the National Sports Centre of Canada which enables him to treat Canadian Olympic athletes.

He has worked with World Class Track and Field Olympic athletes from several Nations, and has played a role in the last 4 summer Olympics and last 2 winter Olympic games. He is a consulting chiropractor with the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs as well as consults with several teams and athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB.

He has been treating athletes using ART for more than 8 years, and has been a lead instructor for 5 years. His clinics have been designated as Elite ART Provider Centers.

About the Video

Contemporary Electro-acupuncture is an original approach to the stimulation of the peripheral nervous system for the therapeutic purposes of treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, and common states of metabolic and endocrine disregulation. Dr. Elorriaga and Dr. Scappaticci collaborate regularly on the care of international high performance athletes as well as on the teaching of a combination of electro-acupuncture and manual techniques for the treatments of Sports Injuries in a unique system known as Functional Integrated Therapyä. This intermediate level session will focus on the presentation and discussion of the specific contemporary electro-acupuncture protocols that Dr. Elorriaga and Dr. Scappaticci use regularly for the treatment of weight-training injuries on the upper and lower extremity.