Vol.091 - Lower Leg Dysfunctions Causing Low Back Pain - Dr. Mark Scappaticci - Video


About Dr. Mark Scappaticci – D.C., BSc(Hons), D.Ap, Elite ART® Provider, FCCSS, CKTI, ART®
Dr. Scappaticci graduated from CMCC in 92’ and completed his Fellowship in Chiropractic Sport Sciences in 95’. He has his Level I Rehab specialty and practices in Niagara Falls, Ontario as well as Toronto, Ontario. Dr. Scappaticci is registered with the National Sports Centre of Canada which enables him to treat Canadian Olympic athletes.

He has worked with World Class Track and Field Olympic athletes from several Nations, and has played a role in the last 4 summer Olympics and last 2 winter Olympic games. He is a consulting chiropractor with the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs as well as consults with several teams and athletes in the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB.

He has been treating athletes using ART for more than 8 years, and has been a lead instructor for 5 years. His clinics have been designated as Elite ART Provider Centers.

About the Video

Dr. Scappaticci will be presenting on how the foot, ankle, knee and hip joints can causelow back pain and injury when weight-training. He will also discuss the various lower leg muscles that commonly become dysfunctional due to weight-training and which treatment is the most effective in restoring normal function. After this session, you will be able to better assess the lower leg and to check if it is a contributing factor in your difficult low back weight-training injury patients.