Vol.094 - Laser Treatment Techniques for Weight-Training Extremity Injuries - Dr. Fred Kahn - Video


About Dr. Fred Kahn MD, FRCS(C), Dipl. A.B.S.

Dr. Kahn is a graduate of the University of Toronto, School of Medicine and has extensive training at a number of medical centers including University of Toronto, McGill University, the Lahey Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Kahn has been involved in the research and development of Low Intensity Laser Therapy systems since 1989. The result of his research is the Bioflex Professional System, the company he founded, Meditech International, Inc.,which manufactures and distributes the Bioflex Professional system. This system is highly effective in the treatment of sports injuries, repetitive motion syndrome and the arthridites. Dr. Kahn has over 10 years of clinical application and development of appropriate scientific protocols and the treatment of many high performance level athletes. Some of these are the Toronto Raptors of the NBA, Toronto Maple Leafs, the Toronto Blue Jays, and athletes from many other fields of endeavor.

About the Video

Dr. Kahn will discuss how low intensity laser treats the pathology at the molecular level. He will review the research on how the laser affects the cells and the intensity level and frequency needed to accelerate tissue healing. Learn how this type of treatment can be effective for various weight-training extremity injuries like lateral epicondylitis, patellar tendonitis, bursitis, sprains and strains. This can be a powerful adjunctive therapy for various weight-training injuries you treat.