Vol.097 - Energy Medicine Treatment Application for Weight-Training Injuries - Dr.James Oschman - Video


About Dr. James Oschman Ph.D.

Dr. Oschman is a world authority on energy and complementary medicine and author of a ground-breaking book entitled “Energy Medicine: The scientific basis.” After a distinguished career in academic science, with publications in leading scientific journals, he has initiated a serious discussion of the energy therapies and their potential contribution to patient care and human performance. His inquiry is focused as much on the scientific basis of energy therapies as on what theses therapies can tell science about how the human body works in health and disease. Recently he has begun to explore the implications of energy medicine for athletic training and protection from injury.

About the Video

Many types of treatment are used for weight-training injuries with varied results. Learn how different types of treatments work energetically and which are the most appropriate for specific injuries. Dr. Oschman will be reviewing all the different types of energy treatment protocols one can do for weight-training injuries such as magnet therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, myofascial release, and he will also discuss the future of energy medicine and how it applies to weight-training injuries.